Grapevine Issue 2: Why smartphones are going to rule the world

Here is the second issue of Grapevine, the new fortnightly publication I am producing for the London Wine Fair, which looks to take a different, more sideways, analytical look at the latest events and trends in the wine trade. 

Here is a link to the second issue where I look at: 

* the rise of the smartphone and how its functionality and widespread distribution is going to dramatically change the way we behave as consumers and how the wine industry needs to adapt fast to keep up or lose out to those that day

* how Tesco might not be getting the sales it wants but it is quietly sorting out the problems that have plagued its performance over the last 18 months

* an interview with Ben Stephenson, the charismatic wine merchant behind Manchester's Hangingditch which has recently completed its eighth annual wine festival

* a look at what is happening in vineyards north and south of the equator including news of vintages in the Loire, Napa, higher prices for New Zealand wines and why Argentina's new president could be good news for the wine trade

* and why it has been such a good month for Marks & Spencer and the new Noble Rot restaurant