Grapevine: why casual dining could be the saviour for wine

Catch up on the wine news and trends over the festive period with the fourth edition of the Grapevine newsletter I produce for the London Wine Fair

In it we look at the following key issues: 

* How the extraordinary rise in national casual dining chains is having a potentially lucrative impact on the UK wine trade by opening a huge raft of new restaurants and venues for affordable, quality wines. 

You only need to look at the figures and the stats to see the massive opportunity that casual dining now offers wine distributors, suppliers and producers. Business consultants, the NPD Group, claims casual dining is growing faster than all other hospitality sectors and will be worth well over £5 billion by end the of 2016, up 14% on 2014. 

Grapevine assesses what the potential is for wine and how it is also giving a new lease of life for UK major wine distributors in the face of the supermarket wine range culls of 2015. 

Also in Grapevine there is news about:

* how EC ruling on minimum pricing of alcohol could raise pressure for duty rates hike.

* how wine cans could have their day in 2016.

* why wine brands will be looking closely at how successful Treasury Wine Estates' US Instagram campaign for Beringer is. 

Paul Schaafsma, the new chief executive of Accolade Wines, on the opportunities for branded wine in 2016 and why the cuts in UK supermarket wine ranges is good news for the wine trade and what it needs to do to attract more 18-25 year olds in to wine.

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