Steven Gerrard | Liverpool FC 1998-2015

To help honour the incredible commitment and contribution Steven Gerrard has made to Liverpool Football Club, the club decided to produce a special tribute website to be launched to coincide with his last home game against Crystal Palace.

But it did so only two weeks before the game was due to take place.

Richard was called in at the last minute to help source, and write large quantities not only of the content but also photographs and statistics needed to cover Steve’s playing career on the site.

Richard had to dig in to the history books and football annuals to source those little known facts about Steve and his career right from his schooldays kicking the ball in the road outside his house on the Bluebell Estate in Huyton, Liverpool.

Richard was responsible for sourcing the right image to go with the right fact or story.

He also had to use his internet search skills to find the appropriate weblink to go with every last detail of Steve’s career from his first headed goal through to his first England appearance.

The site was launched to great acclaim including praise and thanks from the man himself. Mr Steven Gerrard.


Simon Ellis-Jones, senior news editor at Liverpool Football Club, said: “Our backs were up against it from the moment we decided to try and pull this website together within two weeks. Richard played an enormous part in helping us achieve our goal.

“He importantly hit his daily deadlines allowing us to write, design and produce pages through such a short time period.

“Richard was a great asset in that he produced tight, clean and engaging copy and was able to source pictures and the vital weblinks that are such an integral part of making any website a success.

“Richard was our centre midfielder in the team behind the Thanks Stevie website.

“I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to take on hopefully a slightly less ambitious project.”

Click to see the special Thanks Stevie website.